Oscar Predictions, 2017 (Updated with Results)

This year I have seen the fewest nominees in recent memory, so crushing the Oscar pool will have to be a matter of performance art. I suppose there are worse things to have to settle for, but it still would have been nice to have watched more good movies this year. At the moment, I have seen just two of the Best Picture nominees: Hell or High Water and Manchester by the Sea, both of which are great. I’ll get around to the rest in time, I suppose. Another movie I really enjoyed was The Jungle Book, which came out so long ago it really doesn’t seem — to my mind, at least — that it could have possibly been released in 2016, but I suppose that’s what happens when you stop seeing many movies in theaters and a never-ending election becomes so pervasive that it drowns out everything else in media and entertainment.

Here are my 100% correct Oscar predictions, whipped up without much thought or consideration.

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New Year, New Blog

Eric Mack was born 29 years ago today, but Blog.EricMackAttacks.com was born today.

When I first started blogging with any kind of consistency, it was on a WordPress.com blog. At the time, I had no idea that there was a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For those not in the know, WordPress.org is where you can download the WordPress content management system for install on a self-hosted site, whereas WordPress.com is an existing blog network that offers far fewer options in terms of flexibility but it has the desirable feature of plugging your posts to the other bloggers on the platform. Unfortunately, you kind of have to choose one or the other: if you are looking for exactly the kind of site you want, WordPress.com isn’t the answer, but if you go with a DIY site then you have to be really good at search engine optimization and promoting your site or no one will ever find it.

That was the situation I was in five years ago as I was busy counting down my 100 favorite albums in an absurdly thorough post-by-post format on a WordPress.com blog. When I finished with the list, I realized that I needed something a little more than WordPress.com could offer, so I took the content off-network and hosted everything independently and began exploring how to best present the content. After about five years of tinkering, I have everything about how I want it over at EricMackAttacks.com, which from now will function as more of an archive of all the stuff I have written about. I’m still constantly adding more content to it, but for instance when I write an album review, it’s typically months or even sometimes more than a year after the release date, so I always set the publish date back to the album’s actual release date to avoid confusing the reader.

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